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Manufacturing of Garden Structures

Available Products Include: Decorative Arches, Trellis, Wooden Compost bins, Garden Fencing, Posts, Outdoor Furniture, Cladding for Gates, Sawn Larch for Pergolas.

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Irish Timber Products

Irish Timber Products specialises in the manufacturing of top quality Garden structures, which we supply in Larch. We also have a solid foundation in the Hardwood industry, supplying common Hardwoods such as Beech, Oak, Chestnut, and Yew. Furthermore we offer high grade machining services for mouldings.
Treated timber often contains toxic metals such as arsenic, chromium and copper. Use less harmful alternatives as extensively as possible when you are building something in your garden, and you will protect both yourself and the environment . Pressure impregnated timber has been treated with biocides to prevent decay. The real environmental problem arises when the pressure impregnated timber becomes waste. If the timber goes astray, the toxic substances are spread and can cause environmental damage. Since arsenic and chromium cannot be destroyed by combustion, the timber must be disposed of in special dumps or in plants where it is burnt with high-efficiency flue gas cleaning.
Our primary timber, Larch, is renowned for its strength and durability outside in the elements. This allows us to avoid drowning the timber in chemical preservatives while still maintaining the products long lifespan, beneficial both for you, the environment and ourselves.
We are based in Meath in the Irish midlands and derive from a family business based on tree felling. This has left us well connected with many local timber suppliers, and so all of our timber is sourced from Ireland. This both supports a web of local businesses and eliminates the carbon footprint that overseas trade would require.

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